To import a ThriveCart checkout, all you need to do is purchase a unique code from a website like, and import it into your own ThriveCart account.

Here is the process of importing a ThriveCart template:

Purchase a ThriveCart Template You’d Like to Import

buy a thrivecart template

You’re reading this page because either you’ve purchased a ThriveCart template from MyThriveThemes, or found a basic free one online that you would like to import into your account.

Most template packs cost somewhere from $48 to $98. We keep our prices low as we want everyone to have access to good ThriveCart templates, but we also need to cover our costs and feed the kids.

Get Your Import Link

thrivecart template import link

Once you’ve purchased a template you’ll get access to its import link. It will look a little like what you see in the image above. When you buy a single template from MyThriveTemplates you’ll see your import link in your browser immediately post-purchase in the order confirmation screen. If you buy the All-in-One pack from us, you’ll instantly get an email to your inbox which has a link to a hidden Google Sheet file. In this file is all the import links for all our templates.

Navigate To Your Product in ThriveCart

Once you have your import link, load up ThriveCart, and find the product you want to edit.

Find The Right Screen

how to import a thrivecart template

Now you’re editing the product that needs a new checkout, select the Checkout tab up the top of the screen, then the Design icon, and finally click the Import a design link.

This will pop up a new window with a text field. Paste the unique link from earlier into this and hit the Submit button.

Done! How easy was that! 🎉