When I first stumbled upon ThriveCart I knew the product was something I needed in my life. I’ve always been mashing together various technology stacks to take payments from users, and provide them with their purchase, and ThriveCart promised to make that soo much earlier.

So what did I do?

I hit the Buy ThriveCart button on their website ready to pay $495 to get access.

…but then I realised I had to pay $195 more to get some must-have features, such as the affiliate managemet platform.

…so I upgraded and went to confirm my order and noticed there was $103.50 tax added on since I’m a New Zealand resident.

…and of course ThriveCart is priced in USD, so by the time I converted this to my local currenct (NZD) I was paying about $1200.

That’s about two weeks income for your average Joe!

But I still purchased it. Read below to find a more detailed explanation of ThriveCart pricing and why it’s still a good deal.

ThriveCart is a Lifetime Account

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of paying monthly for software and services. HEre are a few of the monthly services I pay for:

  • Hosting at WPEngine
  • Hosting at Hostgator
  • Hosting at Openhost
  • Hosting at WPX
  • Emails through ActiveCampaign
  • Membership through Wishlist Member
  • Leads through LeadQuizes

…plus all my other non-marketing related ones:

  • Music via Spotify monthly
  • Netflix, Apple TV
  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Cloud for Photoshop
  • etc

So these days when a vendor asks for my credit card to take a monthly fee, I’m super hesitant to continue with the purchase!

That’s why when I saw that ThriveCart only sold lifetime access for a one-off fee, I was over the moon.

They do claim to be changing to a monthly payment model soon, much like their competitors, and they have indicated this will be around $90 to $100 per month. I don’t know about you, but that’s something I wanted to avoid, and what motivated me to take action and buy ThriveCart before this change took place!

What’s the ThriveCart Monthly fee then?

There is no monthly fee. You buy it once, and that’s it.

BUT, you do need to pay other fee’s to get the most out of your ThriveCart access.

I personally have linked both Stripe and Paypal to my ThriveCart account, and both of them charge fee’s on each payment I receive. They aren’t monthly fee’s, but they are fee’s none the less.

I’ve also linked ActiveCampaign to my ThriveCart account to manage the welcome emails, and delivery of my ThriveCart templates.

Then on top of that I pay for web hosting for my WordPress sites, and that costs me about USD$50 per month.

So to sum it up, there is no ThriveCart monthly fee, but there are other fee’s you will be paying when you use ThriveCart. Luckily most of these fee’s are variable, meaning that the more money you make with ThriveCart, the more you’ll be paying in fee’s – and that’s ok.

If your ThriveCart account sits unused and not connected to any other services, you don’t need to worry about racking up any monthly fee’s.