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Important September 2022 Update:

We’ve partnered with to offer all our templates for free, when you buy their All-in-One pack.

Head over to ThriveTemplateHQ while they are offering all our templates as a free bonus for a limited time.

What is ThriveCart?

ThriveCart is the perfect eCommerce solution for entrepreneurs who are looking to create an online store, generate leads and take payments.
With features like easy-to-use checkout pages that convert more clicks into sales, upsells & downsells as well as bumps (i.e., discounts), you can’t go wrong with choosing ThriveCart.

Currently, I am using ThriveCart on a number of my websites to link WordPress, Wishlist Member, Stripe, and ActiveCampaign into one cohesive eCommerce solution.

I’ve been using ThriveCart for nearly two years now, and I have to say it has become an absolute ESSENTIAL because of how easy and reliable it is.

However, to really supercharge your results, it pays to spend a few weeks testing different checkout designs, or an hour choosing and installing one of our tried-and-testing ThriveCart templates below.

thrivecart dashboard

The ThriveCart Dashboard ☝️

Premium Templates

All our Thrivecart templates include everything needed to get them up and running as seen in the sample screenshot, including:

🎁 The simple to use one-click ThriveCart import link
🎁 High converting sales copy you can edit to suit your own products
🎁 Images (eg arrows, social proof templates, quotation marks etc)
🎁 Custom CSS to add flair such as gradient backgrounds, element shadows, call to action button glows, mouseover effects etc

Button Glow

Try Me!

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ThriveCart Template #1

Bold Urgency

Our Bold Urgency ThriveCart template encourages your customers to take action immediately, and doesn’t beat around the bush! The emphasis of this template is the countdown – it can’t be missed. But there is also everything else you need to get a customer to make a purchase: social proof in the form of two testimonials, iconography to show security, and a strong money-back guarantee or trial period. This ThriveCart template isn’t exactly elegant, but it’s tried and testing & performs well.

🔥 Custom CSS for glowing Purchase button


ThriveCart Template #2

Minimalist Clean

The Minimalist Clean ThriveCart template is designed for those industries that need to maintain a calm professional vibe, but also lead the customer to the purchase button. There is nothing tacky going on here, and if it isn’t absolutely necessary it has been removed.

This particular Thrivecart template has been a popular pick for fashion, design, lifestyle, and professional industries.

🔥 Includes link to download the matching gradient icon set


ThriveCart Template #3

Stylish & Elegant

A simple ThriveCart template with a vibrant background, and gradient Order button that can be customized to match the color palette from the product image. This template is popular with those offering physical products in the health and beauty industries, and also those who offer physical services such as massage, pilates, and yoga classes.

🔥 Custom CSS for gradient page background

🔥 Custom CSS for Complete Order button gradient, with mouse-over effect


ThriveCart Template #4

The Hard Sell

Some niches work really well with a Hardsell, and in other industries, it can turn off the customer. This ThriveCart template unashamedly pushes the customer to buy immediately and does all it can to ensure every objection is covered. This is a top pick for digital products and I have personally used this design on a number of my projects. It gets results, there is no doubt about that, but can your customers handle the hard sell techniques?!

thrivecart template mockup social

ThriveCart Template #5

Social Proof Galore

When buying from an unknown brand, or buying a product you have little experience with, social proof works wonders. This template shows your customer that there have been other customers just like them, that have gone before them, and had great results. When your customers see that others have been down this same path, trusting your company, and clicked the Buy Now button, it gives them so much more confidence to do the same! If you have reviews and testimonials, you should be considering this ThriveCart template above the others.


ThriveCart Template #7

Video Emphasis

A simple template that works well when you have a sales video or explainer video that the customer needs to watch. There is little else to distract their eyes, and the video is emphasized with an overly dramatic drop shadow which is achieved through custom CSS. With the video telling much of the story, the rest of the page is dedicated to a clean column of testimonials, 6 quick bullet points, and topped off with some more custom CSS to create an eye-catching purchase button. The colors on this button can be customized to suit your own brand palette.

🔥 Custom CSS for video drop shadow

🔥 Custom CSS for Complete Order button gradient, with mouse-over effect

🔥 Includes link to download the matching gradient icon set


ThriveCart Template #8


This is our simple & clean ThriveCart template for donations and charities. There doesn’t need to be any convincing sales copy here, so we have left that out. It’s a soft color palette that isn’t too striking and can be customized to suit the charity’s own color scheme.

🔥 Custom CSS for purple glow on Donate button


ThriveCart Template #9

Focused Urgency

When you want to achieve nothing else but have the customer quickly enter their credit card details, this is the theme for you. It assumes the customer already trusts your store, and knows the benefits of buying the product. With a simple product image and a black/white color scheme, there is little to distract the customer other than the ticking clock at the top of the page which encourages the user to buy now, or regret it later.


ThriveCart Template #10

All Guns Blazing

This template uses a bit of everything, so the mockup looks tacky, but the point is to squeeze as many design elements as we could into one theme so that you can copy/paste what you need into your own ThriveCart design, or start with this template and delete what you don’t need.

All In One Pack

Buy the ‘All In One Pack’ and not only do you get all of the above templates, you’ll also get access to a number of additional templates not available for individual purchase, and all future templates.

This pack includes the bonus templates below:


Physical Product Template

Made for retailers of physical products. Striking blue to catch the eye.


Physical Product Template #2

A one-product checkout with a high-contrast color scheme. Edit the colors to suit your own ThriveCart designs.


Physical Product Template #3

Hot pink for the brave…and lovers of high contrast ThriveCart designs. Use our colors or add your own touch.


Course Template

Simple design made for course creators. This template uses custom CSS for a rounded border and page shadow.


Course Template #2

Simple design made for course creators. This template uses custom CSS for a rounded border and page shadow.


Course Template #3

Simple design made for course creators. This template uses custom CSS for a rounded border and page shadow.


Digital Download Template

Made for simple digital downloads. There is little sales copy on this template so its best used for low consideration purchases (under $100).


Digital Download Template

Simple software checkout for when the sales page has already been done. This explains clearly what is being purchased, and takes payment.


Clean Membership Template

The clean membership template is for when the customer is already sold on your product, and you just need to collect payment.


Bronze Consulting Template

Simple & classy. This professional ThriveCart template for consultants will be sure to fill your calendar.


Coaching Template

Made for coaches who like a pop of fun and color. Comes with a confetti background you can choose to use or replace.


Stub Design

This extremely minimal stub design gives you a blank canvas to customize and uses beautiful button glows, page gradients, and drop shadows. Add your own text.


Stub Design #2

This extremely minimal stub design gives you a blank canvas to customize and uses beautiful button glows, page gradients, and drop shadows. Add your own text.

PLUS Get a Free Product Mockup in the All In One Pack

With every All In One pack order you can choose one free product mockup to use in your design. Simply tell us what mockup you would like, and we’ll send you details on what we need to generate the mockup.

You can pick from any of the mockups below!


Digital Product Mockup 1


Digital Product Mockup 2


Digital Product Mockup 3


Digital Product Mockup 4


Digital Product Mockup 5


Digital Product Mockup 4


Digital Product Mockup 7

+ more upon request (books, guides, magazines, ebooks etc)

Why Use a High Converting Checkout?

There are dozens of reasons you should be using a high converting ThriveCart template, but ultimately, it all comes back to generating more sales and revenue for your business.

Research has shown that  1 out of every 5 shoppers abandoned their online cart due to a too long or complicated checkout process, or poor checkout experience in general. (Source 1 / Source 2).

That’s a huge problem which you can do something about, today!

The fastest way to improve your checkout performance is to install a ThriveCart template. They cost as little as $19 each, and can be installed in under 5 minutes.

What is Thrivecart?

ThriveCart is a comprehensive solution for selling digital and physical products online. Using ThriveCart, you can easily set up subscriptions, payment plans, or one-time purchases. You also have access to customer hubs where your customers can look back on their orders and see what they’ve purchased in the past as well as other features such as an affiliate system that incentivizes people to sell more of your product.

ThriveCart is the most powerful and customizable e-commerce checkout solutions on the market. It’s also one of the easiest to use, which means you’ll be able to focus more on your business than ever before!

Is there a ThriveCart Community Gallery?

There has been talk of a ThriveCart community gallery for over a year now, where users of the platform can freely share their designs, and download others’ designs. This community gallery is still a work-in-progress as far as we are aware, and is not something the ThriveCart team has released yet.

That’s why we have built our own ThriveCart design gallery. All the templates on this page are available for you to purchase and import into your own account. The ThriveCart community gallery will likely be free, but we charge a small fee since creating these templates and managing our customer’s enquiries (we can help you install them) takes time…and a bit of money as well.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes, we have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Just send us a message at with your issue or concerns and the team will do their best to help you out as soon as possible!

That’s right – all of our products come with an easy return process that allows customers up to thirty days after purchase to get refunded for any reason they wish without question.

How Do I Install a ThriveCart Template?

To import a ThriveCart checkout, all you need to do is purchase a unique code from a website like, and import it into your own ThriveCart account.

Here is the process of importing a ThriveCart template:

  1. Purchase your template from the list above
  2. It will look a little like this:
  3. Login to ThriveCart, and under the product settings in the Checkout > Design tab, select ‘Import another design’.
  4. Paste the unique link from step 2.
  5. Done! How easy was that! 🎉

What are our Design Principles?

Build trust

Without trust, you aren’t going to get sales. The internet is full of dodgy websites trying to make a quick buck, and our ThriveCart templates use all the tricks to build trust. Starting with a professionally designed template, we sprinkle trust badges (money-back guarantee) and social proof throughout the page to be sure the customer trusts your website and is comfortable entering their payment details.

Elegantly Designed

Our templates use color schemes to be elegant when required, but also bold and brave when the moment matters. Call to action buttons can’t be missed with contrasting colors, and bump offers stand out from the content that surrounds them.

Social Proof

Social proof shouldn’t be hidden away on your website or kept just at the start of your sales funnel. Our ThriveCart templates bring social proof right into the moment that matters – asking the customer for money. Social proof helps eliminate hesitation when making critical decisions, of which the biggest is asking the user to reach for their credit cart.

Create Urgency

Nothing works as well to close a sale than create a sense of urgency. ThriveCart thrives (hah!) at doing this with their evergreen countdown timers. We’ve incorporated these into a number of our templates to ensure you encourage your customers to buy today, and not delay.

Powerful Copywriting

Every ThriveCart template available for download below has been reviewed by a professional who has been writing online copy for over 8 years. Although the copy on each page is unlikely to apply directly to your business, it provides a great foundation to get you off on the right foot.