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These are just some of the free themes you’ll get today


Physical Product Template

Made for retailers of physical products. Striking blue to catch the eye.


Physical Product Template #2

A one-product checkout with a high-contrast color scheme. Edit the colors to suit your own ThriveCart designs.


Physical Product Template #3

Hot pink for the brave…and lovers of high contrast ThriveCart designs. Use our colors or add your own touch.


Course Template

Simple design made for course creators. This template uses custom CSS for a rounded border and page shadow.


Course Template #2

Simple design made for course creators. This template uses custom CSS for a rounded border and page shadow.


Course Template #3

Simple design made for course creators. This template uses custom CSS for a rounded border and page shadow.


Digital Download Template

Made for simple digital downloads. There is little sales copy on this template so its best used for low consideration purchases (under $100).


Digital Download Template

Simple software checkout for when the sales page has already been done. This explains clearly what is being purchased, and takes payment.


Clean Membership Template

The clean membership template is for when the customer is already sold on your product, and you just need to collect payment.


Bronze Consulting Template

Simple & classy. This professional ThriveCart template for consultants will be sure to fill your calendar.


Coaching Template

Made for coaches who like a pop of fun and color. Comes with a confetti background you can choose to use or replace.


Stub Design

This extremely minimal stub design gives you a blank canvas to customize and uses beautiful button glows, page gradients, and drop shadows. Add your own text.


Stub Design #2

This extremely minimal stub design gives you a blank canvas to customize and uses beautiful button glows, page gradients, and drop shadows. Add your own text.

How do I Buy ThriveCart?

Firstly, YES, you should buy ThriveCart.

I purchased it at the beginning of 2020 and instantly loved it’s simplicity. I’m no tech whizz, but I was easily able to connect ThriveCart to my many WordPress sites, my newsletter software (ActiveCampaign), and my Stripe and Paypal accounts.

Within 24 hours, I was making sales!

Secondly, the one place to buy ThriveCart from is the official website:

There are no ThriveCart discounts or promo codes available except for the ones provided by ThriveCart themselves (check the link above to see their current offers).

However, sites like us can offer you special bonuses when you buy ThriveCart. In our case, we will give you instant access to our full library of ThriveCart templates which will save you time in getting your own checkout up and running.

Table of Contents

Exclusive Offer

When you buy ThriveCart from via our partnership with the official site, you’ll get access to all our Thrivecart templates include everything needed to get them up and running as seen in the sample screenshot, including.

Is ThriveCart worth it?

I often get is whether ThriveCart is worth it. Yes, it isn’t cheap at over $1000 for access. BUT, it is an investment in your business which is likely to pay off very quickly.

ThriveCart Pricing

ThriveCart has two pricing plans, and the PRO upgrade costs about $195 more than the Standard plan. I’ll admit, when I first went to the ThriveCart website I planned to buy the Standard plan for $495, but ended up adding on the PRO upgrade as it comes with some nice little extra features (see below).

thrivecart pricing

You’ll notice that ThriveCart pricing is aย one-offย fee which gives you lifetime access. This is such a nice change from the monthly fee’s everyone is charging these days. I’m already paying each month for hosting, membership software, ActiveCampaign, etc so it’s really nice to pay once, and have it for life.

Will the lifetime pricing last for ever?

The developers of ThriveCart have made it clear that they will be moving to a monthly plan at a later date. They haven’t confirmed 100% when this will be, or how much it would be, but it’s safe to say that the ThriveCart monthly fee will be somewhere from $50 to $100 per month. Yikes!

Whatโ€™s the ThriveCart monthly fee?

As mentioned earlier, no monthly fee currently exists for ThriveCart. You pay once, and have lifetime access.

Many of the tools that you plugin to ThriveCart will have a monthly fee, such as ActiveCampaign. You’ll also need to plugin a payment processor such as Stripe or Paypal. Neither of these processors have monthly fees, but that do take a fee on each payment – but that’s the cost of doing business.

Where can I buy ThriveCart Templates?

There has been a huge amount of chatter in the ThriveCart Facebook communities about buying templates. In fact, this is why we have created which has all our premium ThriveCart templates for download on our homepage.

As far as we are aware, we have the most ThriveCart templates available to download on the interest.

Many of our templates are available for individual download, but our All-in-One pack is by far the best selling. In fact, for every individual template we sell, we sell about 30 all-in-on packs, so be sure to pick that to get your moneys worth.

We add on average one new ThriveCart template to our pack per week, so you’ll have lifetime access to all our high converting templates.

How much is Thrivecart?

ThriveCart costs $495 for their standard lifetime account, and an extra $195 if you do the Pro Upgrade.

I always recommend the Pro Upgrade to my customers, because the affiliate center, custom domain name, and subscription saver functionality, are all must-have features in my opinion.

For those not in the United States, ThriveCart costs approximately $978 New Zealand dollars, $582 Euros, $937 Australian dollars, and $871 Canadian dollars. This is all as at September 2021 using todays exchange rates, which will obviously change by the time you read this article.

What type of product can I use ThriveCart for?

You can use ThriveCart to sell pretty much any type of product, including physical products. Here are some examples of ways I have personally used ThriveCart, and also ways I have seen others using ThriveCart.

  1. Digital Downloads: I primarily use ThriveCart for digital downloads. By this, I mean anything that can be instantly delivered via email. Examples of digital downloads include ebooks, software, templates, design files, planners, workbooks, guides etc.
  2. Membership access: ThriveCart integrates with a number of third-party tools that people sue to manage their membership websites. A favourite of mine is the Wishlist Member integration.
  3. Physical goods: ThriveCart is perfect for people that sell a small range of physical goods. If you have over 20 products you’ll probably benefit from a product like Shopify, and if you want the entire Add to Cart / Wishlist / Checkout experience then you’re definately better off with shopify. But for people who sell a small range of physical products, and your customers typically only buy one of these products at a time, then ThriveCart will work perfectly.

What does ThriveCart do?

I you think of an online purchase as many different systems coming together, then ThriveCart is the cog that manages payments, and then the delivery of your products.

Here is how most people would use ThriveCart…

You would have a website which sell’s your product, whether it be a digital product or physical product. You can use platforms like WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace to set up this website – it doesn’t matter. One this website you would have a button which people click when they want to buy your product, and it’s typically called theย Buy Nowย button, as you’d expect!

Once this button is clicked, the user is taken to the ThriveCart checkout page. This is a page which you have designed within the ThriveCart software. You would have setup the product in ThriveCart including it’s name, pricing, shipping (if applicable), and all other variables needed to sell the product. Within this ThriveCart checkout is the box for credit card details to be entered, and another button which is theย Pay Now button (or something similar).

Once this button is clicked the user either has their digital products delivered to them, or they are added to your membership website, or they are given details on when their physical product will be shipped. You set this all up within ThriveCart.

ThriveCart will link into either your Paypal account or Stripe account, and as soon as the user enters their payment information into ThriveCart, you’ll get a notification from your payment processor that they have received the funds.

See what I mean that ThriveCart is the central cog in many eCommerce transactions? Essentially, it makes taking payment and the delivery of the product super simple. You don’t need to know any coding at all.

How long has ThriveCart been around?

ThriveCart has been around since 2015 when it was founded by New Zealander Josh Barlett.

I’ve seen in the ThriveCart community recently a few questions about “What happens if ThriveCart goes out of business?” which is a pretty unusual question to ask…but let’s talk about it.

Firstly, since ThriveCart has now been around for over 5 years, it’s pretty safe to say it’ll be around for another 5 years. Most internet businesses that fail do so much sooner than this.

Secondly, I’ve seen how profitable ThriveCart is for it’s owners. They have thousands of customers, and are making a good amount of money! There is no need to worry about them going bankrupt anytime soon.

Thirdly, your customers are alwaysย your customers. ThriveCart acts as the middleman, connecting your customers into your payment processor. So if you have a customer paying you $50 monthly and ThriveCart goes out of business, Paypal will still retain all the details of that customer, and they’ll continue to take that $50 each month.

To be fair, you probably have alot of other concerns which are more important than worrying whether ThriveCart will go out of business. What happens if Wix or Squarespace go out of business? What happens if your WordPress site gets hacked? Or you forget to renew your domain name? Or Paypal blocks your account?

What payment methods does ThriveCart accept?

If you are buying ThriveCart, you can pay by Visa, American Express, MasterCard, or Paypal.

If you are using ThriveCart to sell products, then you can integrate the platform with both Stripe and Paypal. Stripe allows payments through Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Whatโ€™s the best ThriveCart bonus?

There are a few websites that recommend ThriveCart and offer bonuses if you purchase through them.

Here at, we offer every premium template for free when you buy ThriveCart using a link on this page.

Other websites will offer some bonus training material, or video interviews, but you can find a lot of that for free online anyway.

Can I use ThriveCart for multiple products?

Yes, you can use ThriveCart for multiple products. I currently have over 30 different products in my ThriveCart account. Most of them are the ThriveCart templates which I sell on this site. Since I sell templates, that means I need to make every template a new product within ThriveCart, which is why I have over 30 products.


How do I buy ThriveCart?

ThriveCart is only available to be purchased through the official website: However, sites like MyThriveTemplates have partnered with ThriveCart to be able to offer you special bonuses when purchased together.

In our case, we give you access to all our premium ThriveCart templates when you buy ThriveCart from any link on our website.

After completing your purchase, you’ll be given a unique link where you can access all our current templates, and all future templates we design.

How much does ThriveCart cost?

ThriveCart costs USD$495 for their standard option, or $690 if you choose to do the Pro upgrade.

I personally did the Pro upgrade when I purchased ThriveCart solely because I wanted access to their awesome affiliate center, and dunning (retrying failed payments).

There are no ongoing ThriveCart fees like the alternatives – it’s a one-off payment for lifetime access. You will however have to pay fees to the payment processor you plug into ThriveCart, such as Paypal or Stripe.

Once I’ve bought ThriveCart, how do I instill these templates?

To import a ThriveCart checkout, all you need to do is purchase a unique code from a website like, and import it into your own ThriveCart account.

Here is the process of importing a ThriveCart template:

  1. Purchase your template from the list above
  2. It will look a little like this:
  3. Login to ThriveCart, and under the product settings in the Checkout > Design tab, select โ€˜Import another designโ€™.
  4. Paste the unique link from step 2.
  5. Done! How easy was that! ๐ŸŽ‰